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Portable PEMF device for the relief of acute back and joint pain


PEMF Therapy Device for chronic joint and back pain relief

PEMF Therapy Device for medical professionals. Designed for lung recovery after pneumonia (inc. COVID-19-Associated Pneumonia) and treatment of complex joint disorders (coxarthrosis, polyarthritis)

Physiotherapy Device for home use. Treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases in kids and adults by means of magnetic fields and wide-range vibroacoustic signal [1]
Medical device for headache relief and preventive treatment of migraine , management of anxiety- disorders and depression
Meet all the products produced by ELAMED
Meet all the products produced by ELAMED
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PEMF Therapy Device for the treatment of chronic prostatitis (including the cure of prostate adenoma) and improvement of erectile function

Transpalpebral digital tonometer for intraocular pressure measurement (IOP), both on adults and children .

PEMF Therapy Device for treatment of upper respiratory infections and its side effects : rhinitis, maxillary sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis

The containers are used for  variety of medical procedures: from pre-sterilization cleaning to chemical disinfection and sterilization of medical supplies

Venous blood-stopping polymer-latex bandage with a clamping device adjusting the compression force

Polymeric tubs for manual disinfection of medical tools of small sizes 0,100L

Pre-sterilization processing, chemical disinfection and sterilization of laparoscopic and other surgical long instruments as well as rigid endoscopes

The good if designed for arranging and transporting of test tubes including vacutainers