Easyton — translpebral digital tonometer for intraocular pressure measurement (IOP), both on adults and children .
is designed for arranging and transporting of test tubes including vacutainers
the device is designed for local cooling of biological tissue for therapy, cosmetic procedures and cryomassage.
The vacuum system is meant for drawing venous blood from patients for further clinical laboratory testing of these samples.
protective masks and glasses are designed for face and eyes protection of medical stuff.


designed for disinfection and pre-cleaning of medical instruments and accessories at healthcare facilities.
pre-sterilization processing, chemical disinfection and sterilization of laparoscopic and other surgical long instruments as well as rigid endoscopes
is a multi-function device for local PEMF therapy that is recommended as at-home medical physical treatment device and does for physiotherapy aid in hospitals. 


a universal PEMF therapy device designed for the medical treatment of chronic diseases, which copes with acute conditions, reduces  pain, swells and improves range of motion. 

is a modern and compact Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device designed for at-home medical treatment.
the case for vacuum systems is designed for arranging and transporting of test tubes including vacutainers
the containers are used for  variety of medical procedures: from pre-sterilization cleaning to chemical disinfection and sterilization of medical devices.
PEMF Acoustic Therapy Device to treat a range of functional disorders.
the case is used for transportation of disposable containers with biological materials for analysis
polymerical tubs for mannual disinfection of medical tools of small sizes 0,100L