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Medical device for headache relief and preventive treatment for migraine , management of anxiety- disorders and depression
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DIAMAG is a unique medical device which is designed to prevent and / or get rid of a headache, cope with anxiety- disorders and depression, treat sleeping disorders.

Developed in participation of Federal State Budgetary Institution, Federal Center of Brain Research and Neurotechnologies of the Federal Medical Biological Agency (Moscow, Russia). Confirmed by clinical trials.

How does it work?

The treatment method of DIAMAG is based on low-intensity pulsed magnetic field. It leads to regulation of cerebrovascular tone, that can help to stop migrainous attacks and decrease its intensity without any side-effects .

The magnetic field of DIAMAG stimulates a balanced release of adrenaline, cortisol, melatonin and serotonin which results in: relief of anxiety; treatment of depression; management of mood swings; The increase of sleep quality.

DIAMAG for Migraine and other types of headache. The device can help to:

  • Prevent migraine attack by timely use of the Device at «aura» phrase of migraine* ;
  • Reduce the number of migraine attacks in the case of course treatment ;
  • Relive intensity of nausea, treat photophobia (Light Sensitivity), cope with phonophobia and other migraine symptoms;
  • Reduce the number of analgesics intake, and, thus decrease the risk of a headache caused by medications “overdose” ;
  • Improve thinking ability, memory and concentration.

DIAMAG for anxiety- disorders and depression can help to:

  • Stimulate the release of «natural antidepressant» - serotonin hormone;
  • Relieve anxiety , treat melancholy and manage mood swings;
  • Improve physical and emotional health.

DIAMAG for sleeping disorders can help to:

  • Balance the release of serotonin hormone and melatonin;
  • Improve the process of falling asleep and quality of sleep.

* is a distinct phase in the progression of migraine attack.

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