preventive therapy and treatment of acute migraine headache

DIAMAG is a PEMF therapy device created to treat the cerebropathy and cervical spine diseases. DIAMAG stimulates production of melatonin which is a natural stress protector; it provides sedation, sleeping recovery, anxiety level reduction. DIAMAG is used in health centers and clinics, but due to the preset treatment modes the device can be used in home.

  • DIAMAG is designed by experienced doctors and scientists.
  • DIAMAG visibly reduces the required dose of tranquilizers and psychoanaleptics.
  • DIAMAG almost entirely relieves pain syndrome and eliminates the necessity of pain killerson completion of only one treatment course.
  • DIAMAG reduces the risk of recurrence and complications of stroke. It accelerates recovery of brain dysfunctions.
  • DIAMAG enhances the quality of life, improves mental conditions and recovers the normal physical activity from the first sessions of the therapeutic course.
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