Big polymeric tubs (20l, 30l, 35l)

the containers are used for  variety of medical procedures: from pre-sterilization cleaning to chemical disinfection and sterilization of medical devices

Big containers are used for pre-sterilization cleaning, chemical disinfection and sterilization of medical devices (position surgical instruments, anesthesia-respiratory equipment, patient-care items, laboratory glassware, etc.)


  • Perforated tray has comfortable handles to grip.
  • Design ensures rapid and complete runoff of the solution due to well shaped and large number of drain holes.
  • Handles of the cover have a convenient form and opened volume for capture.
  • The design of the container makes it easy without aiming to close the cover and ensures a snug fit.
ATTENTION: the big polymeric tubes (20l;30l;35l) are available in light blue color and curing time of which is longer than it is for the white tubes. 
Model Number:
KDS-20 1034, KDS-30 1036, KDS-35 1035
1 Year
4,7 kg - 6,5 kg
Instrumental classification
Class I
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