is a multi-function PEMF therapy device created to cope with pain caused by chronic and acute diseases of the internal organs, treat diseases of the nervous system and reduce pain caused by musculoskeletal system disorders.

ALMAG-02 is a multi-function device for local PEMF therapy that is most helpful at hospitals, clinics and private medical centers. Although thanks to 79 pre-installed treatment programs ALMAG-02 is perfect for at-home medical treatment.

  • Improves the circulation and metabolism.
  • Accelerates repair processes.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Stops inflammation.
  • Stimulates immunity.
  • Stimulates damaged tissues regrowth.
  • Increases oxigenation.
  • Stimulates HG hormone and Melatonin production (for anti-aging and sleep).
  • Helps in reducing Stress.
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