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PEMF Therapy Device for medical professionals. Designed for lung recovery after pneumonia (inc. COVID-19-Associated Pneumonia) and treatment of complex joint disorders (coxarthrosis, polyarthritis)

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ALMAG-02 is a multi-function advanced PEMF Therapy Device which is made for treatment of complex musculoskeletal disorders and /or pulmonary rehabilitation for chronic lung diseases.

ALMAG-02 is marked with increased depth of penetration that allows to relieve pain in deep hip joints and / or reduce inflammation in the affected internal organs of the human body.

ALMAG-02 is intended to be an essential part of a complex therapy or rehabilitation program, provided by physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, but can be used by individual customers too as an at-home treatment of the health conditions mentioned on «Indications for use» tab

ALMAG-02 enables to:

  • Complete pulmonary rehabilitation program after pneumonia, including COVID-19-Associated Pneumonia;
  • Reduce symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis;
  • Treat of varicose vein disease;
  • Treat (lower limb) edema caused by venous or vascular insufficiency;
  • Treat of chronic arterial insufficiency.

Experience the benefits of ALMAG - 02:

  • 79 pre-set expose programs for a wide range of health problems;
  • Expanded area of PEMF impact and structural flexibility of ALMAG – 02 allow you to cover body-wide organs (wide body area) and send a solid and focused pulsed electromagnetic impulse to a damaged area. Different types of emitters ensure an increased penetration depth of magnetic field, which allows to treat different kinds of joint disorders and provides recovery from lung damage caused by infectious diseases: COPD, pneumonia, inc. COVID-19-Associated Pneumonia, Chronic bronchitis;
  • ALMAG-02 is easy to use: clear instructions, one-click start of a program, auto shut-off, small size and weight;
  • ALMAG-02 can both help as a self-acting treatment and as a part of therapeutic complex;
  • ALMAG-02 is recommended when any other method of treatment is prohibited.

How it works:

  • The device comes with three types of low-frequency emitters which allow treating several areas simultaneously;
  • The device generates pulsed electromagnetic fields (traveling or static) that differ in intensity;
  • The device has a simple, intuitive user interface (with only two buttons to select the program number and a button to launch the action).

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