Treatment of serve or long-term (chronic) diseases which affect human internal organs, nervous system, disorders caused by orthopedic traumas or postoperative complications.

ALMAG 02 is notable with a deeper magnetic penetration depth. Different types of emitters allow you to cover a wide area of the organ which is needed to be treated or affect two parts of the human body at once.

ALMAG 02 enables to:

  • complete pulmonary rehabilitation program after pneumonia, including that associated with COVID-19;
  • reduce symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis;
  • treat of varicose vein disease;
  • treat (lower limb) edema caused by venous or vascular insufficiency;
  • treat of chronic arterial insufficiency.

Experience the benefits of ALMAG 02:

  • 79 pre-set expose programs for a wide range of health problems;
  • Expanded area of PEMF impact and structural flexibility of ALMAG – 02 allow you to cover body-wide organs (wide body area) and ensure pain focused and massive pulsed electromagnetic impulse. Magnetic field penetration depth caused by local emitters (up to 160 mm) enables to treat deep hip joint;
  • ALMAG-02 allows to reduce the medications and avoid drugs side effects;
  • ALMAG-02 allows to decrease expenses twice due to enhancing of therapeutic complex and prolonging the duration of remission;
  • Treat of chronic arterial insufficiency;
  • ALMAG-02 is easy to be used: clear instructions, one-click start of a program, auto shut-off, small size and weight;
  • Can help both as a self-acting treatment and as a part of therapeutic complex;
  • Is recommended when any other method of treatment is prohibited.

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