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Blood-stopping bandage

Venous blood-stopping polymer-latex bandage with a clamping device adjusting the compression force

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  • Consists of a soft elastic band with a tip and a latch, as well as a plastic body, closing the band into a loop;
  • With locking mechanism, medical staff can adjust the compression with one hand. .

Performing some medical procedures associated with the puncture of peripheral veins (endovenous medication, blood drawing, etc.) is impossible without a temporary restriction of blood flow in them.

Until recently, medical staff used of various handy tools for these purposes: pieces of rubber pipe and tape, rolled fabric, etc. This brought a lot of inconvenience during the procedures both for patients and medical staff.

Many healthcare facilities have started to use special compression bundles making the process of venipuncture as fast and convenient as possible, starting with the fixation of vein. Rubber band does not cause inconvenience and discomfort to patients. Comfortable plastic clasp adjusts the degree of loop compression and can be opened with one hand.

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