PEMF Acoustic Therapy Device to treat a range of functional disorders.

MAGOFON combines the best effects of PEMF and vibroacoustic therapy.

PEMF works to achieve analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, improves circulations, stimulates recovery of injured tissues and provides other curative effects; while acoustic vibration stimulates nerve terminals and restores the bonding between the affected body part and the brain.

Clinical trials proved the positive therapeutic effects achieved by the combination of low-frequency PEMF and acoustic vibration. 

  • Tissue metabolism and regeneration processes are intensified.
  • Blood circulation of the affected organs is improved, more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to the cells and waste are excreted faster. 
  • The device contributes to drug absorption  to the affected tissues and enhances edema dispersion. 
  • Sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors is reduced, which results to the pain relief. 
  • MAGAFON relieves emotional and muscle tension. 
  • Noticable positive result after the first sessions.
  • No special medical skills are required to use the device as at-home treatment. 
  • The device can be used for children starting from 1 year old and serves as a heal-all remedy for the whole family. 

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