treatment for cope pain caused by musculoskeletal system disorders and neurological disorders.

MAGOFON has a triple therapeutic effect provided by the combined action of pulsed electromagnetic field, gentle vibration massage and acoustic signal.

Clinical trials proved the positive therapeutic effects achieved by the combination of low-frequency PEMF and acoustic vibration.
  1. MAGOFON improves tissue metabolism and activates regeneration processes.
  2. MAGOFON significantly improves blood supply of the affected organs, brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and helps to excrete waste.
  3. MAGOFON contributes to drug absorption in the affected tissues and enhances edema dispersion.
  4. MAGOFON reduces sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors, which results in pain relief.
  5. MAGOFON eases emotional and muscular tension.
  6. In cases of muscle injuries, sprains, strains and bruises:
    1. MAGOFON relieves pain and disperses swelling within the first minutes of use.
    2. MAGOFON shortens healing time.
    3. MAGOFON improves physical performance efficiency.
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