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Support for business innovations

Scientific and technical center of ELAMED company is master of engineering, developing, estimating and registrating when it comes to innovative medical-related products.

Tne center welcomes industial and scientific bodies, innovative companies , universities and individuals who are interested in coorepation with ELAMED company for bringing the ideas into life.

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Support the business initiatives from idea to the launching.

Provide a variety of ways for the cooperation.

Ready for cooperation with business entitles and individuals.

Selection criteria

The product is related to medical sphere and is designed to be applied as medical-related product.

The product is based on unique technology.

The product is implied to has principle characteristics in comparison with competitive.

The idea or product matches one of the following areas for cooperation:

Areas for cooperation

Diagnostic equipment

Medical treatment devices

Rehabilitation equipment

Disinfection and sterilization equipment

Smart medical devices / Digital medical solutions for patients



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Project sponsorship

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