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PEMF Therapy Devices


portable PEMF device for the relief of acute back and joint pain


PEMF Therapy Device for chronic joint and back pain relief. The device slows the progression of disease by reducing pain and relieving symptoms of Inflammation.

PEMF Therapy Device for medical professionals. Designed for lung recovery after pneumonia, including this associated with COVID-19; as well as for the treatment of complicated joint disorders (coxarthrosis, polyarthritis)

PEMF Therapy Device for erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis treatment (also associated with adenoma), has a triple therapeutic effect on the prostatic gland: heat, pulsed magnetic field and soft vibration massage

PEMF Therapy Device for treatment of children with upper respiratory infection and its side effects (runny nose, maxillar sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis)

Meet all the products produced by ELAMED
Meet all the products produced by ELAMED
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