Magnet therapy equipment and devices

is a multi-function device for local PEMF therapy that is recommended as at-home medical physical treatment device and does for physiotherapy aid in hospitals. 

is a modern and compact Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device designed for at-home medical treatment.
PEMF Acoustic Therapy Device to treat a range of functional disorders.
The device for erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis treatment (also associated with adenoma), has a triple therapeutic effect on the prostatic gland: heat, pulsed magnetic field and soft vibration massage.
Meet all the products produced by ELAMED
Meet all the products produced by ELAMED
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the device is used for prophylaxis and treatment of cold-related diseases and its sequelas: runny nose (насморк, maxillar sinusitis , sinusitis, frontal sinusitis.
is a PEMF device which relieves headaches, stables brain functioning