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TPR IOP measurement

Transpalpebral tonometry refers to methods of measuring intraocular pressure through the eyelid in the scleral region. To date, the transpalpebral scleral method for measuring IOP has no alternative in difficult clinical cases when it is impossible to use classical methods of tonometry. The safety and speed of this method make it possible to consider these transpalpebral devices as the optimal choice of a doctor when conducting mass medical examination.
This type of tonometry does not depend on the physiological properties of the cornea, such as thickness, radius of curvature and rigidity, which lead to measurement errors of all corneal tonometers. The measurement technique requires a short skill training, but if it is followed, this method can claim to be a reference.

Transpalpebral digital tonometer for intraocular pressure measurement (IOP), both on adults and children .
Clinical trials and Scientific studies
Prof. Spyros Georgaras, MD, FEBO Prof. Spyros Georgaras, MD, FEBO
General Director of Ophthalmos Research & Therapeutic Institute Ygeia-Ophthalmos
Georgia Toliou Georgia Toliou
Optometrist, MCOptom