Treatment of long-term (chronic) joint diseases. Slowing the progression of disease by reducing pain and enhancing free-pain period of time.

ALMAG-01 is a time-tested device which is used both for the management of early disease and prevention of the disorder. As a part of therapeutic complex enables to enhance the treatment of a disease.

ALMAG - 01 enables to:

  • Strength the intercellular and intracellular metabolism, restore the electromagnetic parameters of the cells, thus to help restoring impaired body functions. ALMAG - 01 reduces spasms and discomfort;
  • Reduce blood viscosity and unblock additional capillaries. More oxygen and nutrients are brought to a sick body, and toxins are excreted faster. ALMAG - 01disperses edemas and swellings;
  • Increase blood circulation in several times. ALMAG - 01 stimulates body immune system and prevents disease progression. The device lowers sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors and relieves pain;
  • Stimulate inhibitory processes, the device has a calming, sedative effect. ALMAG - 01 normalizes the heartbeats, widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, restores healthy sleeping.
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