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PEMF Therapy Device for chronic joint and back pain relief

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ALMAG - 01 is intended for management of chronic joint and back pain. The device acts on the damaged organs by Travelling Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF), which slows the progression of disease by reducing pain and relieving symptoms of inflammation.

The unique design of ALMAG’s induction coils (i.e. emitters) ensures tPEMF penetration into the patient’s tissues, which is the key to treatment of diseased organs. The regular rhythmical travelling Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) emitted by the device produces a healing effect on the cells of diseased organs and stimulates its recovery. The therapy effect is proven with clinical trials.

ALMAG - 01 implies non-invasive, chronic musculoskeletal pain relief while reducing the medication intake.

ALMAG-01 is a time-tested device which can be used both as a self-acting device and as a part of complex physiotherapy. ALMAG – 01 is effective at the early stage of a disease – for the disease control and its further progression.

As a part of complex therapy the device can enhanced its positive effect by :

  • Reducing pain and inflammation;
  • Slowing down cartilage loss in joints;
  • Increasing range of movement at both joints and muscles, improving flexibility of joints, etc.

ALMAG – 01 enables to:

  • Increase blood flow and circulation, increase vascular permeability and speed up your metabolism;
  • Normalize the nutrition of joints and spine, enrich the joints and bones with oxygen, proteins, immunoglobulins;
  • Speed up the health care effect of pills and medicines.

How is works:

As for the operation principle of ALMAG-01, it is based on low-frequency PEMF. The device produces electromagnetic fields which feature frequencies within that range of a human body. It then directs these fields to damaged organs and makes them penetrate tissues as deep as 8 cm through four emitters. Consequently, this helps body cells stimulate the natural healing process and treat injuries directly.

The delivery set:

Pulse generator, four emitters, PEMF indicator and connection cables, operating manual.

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