a universal PEMF therapy device designed for the medical treatment of chronic diseases, which copes with acute conditions, reduces  pain, swells and improves range of motion. 

is a PEMF therapy device with design which makes ALMAG-01 to be perfect for at-home medical treatment. 

  • ALMAG-01 strenghts the intercellucar and intracellucar metobolism, restores the electromagnetic parameters of the cells, thus helping to restore impaired body functions.The device reduces spasms and discomfort. 
  • ALMAG-01 reduces visconsity and unblock additional capillars. More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to a sick body, so that toxins are excreted faster. The device disperses edemas and swellings. 
  • ALMAG-01 increases blood circulation. The device stimulates body immune system amd prevents decease progress. ALMAG-01 sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors. It relieves pain. 
  • ALMAG -01 stimulates inhibitory processes, has calm and sedative effect. The device normolizes the heartbeats, widens blood vessels and lowers blood preasure. 
The all theuorepic effects mentioned above are based on the reviewes  of patients who used ALMAG-01 in line with medical treatment.

Remission period is up to 1.5 years. 

ALMAG-01 is admitted as a sole therapy means to avoid pharmaceutical treatment or can be used as a part of complex  medical therapy to make it more effective 

Magnetic induction: 20 ± 6 Mt
Pulsed magnetic field : 6.25 Hz
Weight: 0.65 kg
Power supply: ≈ 220 / 50 Hz or 120V/65 Hz
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