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EASYTON IOP tonometer

Easyton - is a unique method of IOP control. Without direct contact with the cornea, the device gives data similar to the readings of a manometer inside the eye. A simple disinfection procedure, the absence of the need for consumables and anesthetics will save a lot of time, money and moral resources for the doctor and patients.

With Easyton your eye care room will be the most complete and ready for any challenge.


New opportunities of IOP measurement

Transpalpebral digital IOP tonometer


ophthalmological practice

off-road medical screening

periodic health examinations

general medical practice

emergency medicine

Key features

Reviews by medical community

Easyton Video Guide

The device description

Protective Case

Calibration Check Ring

Tip Cover

Rod Protection Ring

On/Off Button

Measuring Rod

Protective Case
Calibration Check Ring
Tip Cover
Measuring Rod
On/Off Button
Rod Protection Ring

Clinical researches and scientific publications

Bench testing of intraocular pressure tonometer «Easyton»
The reference IOP measurements performed with tonometer «Easyton», with the use of a Goldman tonometer as referents standard
Easyton in Patients in the Early Postoperative Recovery Phase following Penetrating Keratoplasty
Using the Easyton tonometer to measure intraocular pressure in patients wearing their contact lenses
Reference values of intraocular pressure measured by Easyton tonometer and Goldman tonometer for eyelids with epicanthic fold

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