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Magnetic field penetration depth at ALMAG Active, ALMAG-01, ALMAG-02 (the main inductor and the inductor-ruler) is 8 cm.

Local emitters from ALMAG-02 form a field that penetrates into the 15 cm.

Thus, the depth of penetration of the magnetic field in devices for home use ALMAG Active, ALMAG-01, ALMAG-02 is comparable to stationary devices and is sufficient for the treatment of most pathologies

It is not possible to overdose the magnetic field, because the device is programmed to turn off automatically after 20 minutes from the beginning of the procedure. And even if the patient fell asleep with the inductors under his back, he will not receive an excessive dose of the magnetic field.

The operating manual states that, despite the standard procedure time of 20 minutes, during the first course, the exposure time in the first days is reduced, increasing gradually.

In 2019, a study was conducted on the basis of the Ivanovo State Medical Academy under the leadership of Osnovina I. P. to assess the effect of the magnetophoresis method using ALMAG Active on increasing the clinical effectiveness of transdermal forms of NSAIDs, in particular diclofenac. Patients in the study were divided into 2 groups – one group used diclofenac gel and placebo ALMAG Active, the second group only gel diclofenac and ALMAG Active. In this group of patients, pain was eliminated twice as effectively.

Firstly, let's briefly consider the pathogenesis of inflammation.

Inflammation can be septic (with the presence of microorganisms) and aseptic (without pathogens). Osteoarthritis is characterized by aseptic inflammation.

What happens in the first 1-2 days of acute aseptic inflammation (without microorganisms, non-infectious, characteristic of osteoarthritis)? The tissues receive a significant amount of cytokines-proteins that support inflammation (interleukins, chemokines, tumor necrosis factor, colony-stimulating factors, etc...). They are released, for example, in response to mechanical irritation (acute or chronic joint injury due to destruction of the joint surfaces), or in case of tissue hypoxia (compression). They are stimulated by acetylcholine, which is released by irritated nerve endings.

Cytokines, binding to cellular receptors, stimulate the production of new cytokines by these cells – i.e., a cascade reaction is formed. Clinically, we see redness of the joint, swelling, sharp soreness, impaired function. At this stage, the most important thing is the suppression of the cytokine cascade.

This is provided by NSAIDs or constant exposure to a magnetic field (the third mode of ALMAG Active) The third (analgesic) mode of ALMAG Active is the simultaneous excitation of all four inductors of the ruler with the formation of a stationary magnetic field with a frequency of 100 Hz. Under the influence of such magnetic field parameters, the release of acetylcholine by nerve endings decreases, their sensitivity decreases, the release of cytokines and the sensitivity of tissues to them decreases – the cascade breaks. NSAIDs have a similar mechanism in relation to cytokines. Thus, pain, hyperemia, and edema are reduced. Thus, NSAIDs are the gold standard of treatment in the acute period. And you can also use ALMAG Active in 3 mode.

What happens when using the first mode or ALMAG-01?

When using ALMAG-01 or the first ALMAG Active mode, we are dealing with a traveling magnetic field (the inductors in the ruler are switched on sequentially and create a magnetic flux vector that carries along charged ions of liquids – blood and lymph). Due to this mechanism, the decongestant effect of the magnetic field is realized. The fluid migrates from the lesion site through the surrounding tissues, carrying away metabolic products, as well as proteins –cytokines. But we understand that in the acute period, cytokine storm increases, and by exerting such an effect in the first day, we actually increase the damage zone, spreading chemically aggressive proteins. The intensity of the edema will decrease, but the area of inflammation will increase. Edema in the first days of inflammation serves as a barrier to cytokines. Therefore, ALMAG-02 or the first ALMAG Active mode is recommended for use at the stage of subsiding inflammation. For osteoarthritis, this is from 3-4 days, usually against the background of taking NSAIDs, during the period when the cytokine cascade is suppressed.

At the moment, the issue is resolved individually, after consultation with an oncologist. In some cases of a non-systemic oncological process, after radical surgical or chemotherapeutic treatment in the absence of exacerbation and metastasis, taking into account the sufficient time elapsed after treatment, MT is possible. The oncologist's permission is required!

Yes, you can apply inductors through clothing, tapes, bandages, including plaster ones no thicker than 2 cm.

This is optional.

However, if the patient suffers from high or low blood pressure it is recommended to measure the blood pressure during the first three procedures before and after 20 minutes of the treatment. Usually, the magnetic field reduces blood pressure.

Magnetophoresis is a local procedure when we apply a magnetic field through a local form of NSAIDs (gel, ointment). First, we smear the affected joint with a local form of NSAIDs, then apply a food film or bag, apply an inducer, and perform a therapeutic procedure according to the method for this disease.

Yes, you can. For this purpose, ALMAG Active inductors are adapted, which are divided into pairs. Thus, during one procedure, we can affect 2 joints at once.

The principle is the same as that of magnetic therapy in general. The second course is carried out in 1.5-2 months, not earlier. Sometimes the patient may need additional NSAIDs, but this does not mean that we can randomly or constantly affect of magnetic fields. Then the patient simply takes the dosage form-orally or in the form of local forms.

In 2019, on the basis of the Ivanovo State Medical Academy, under the leadership of Osnovina I. P., a study was conducted to assess the effect of the magnetophoresis method using Almag Active on increasing the clinical effectiveness of transdermal forms of the drugs Chondroxide and Voltaren. The results can be found in the article. According to the VAS and WOMAC scales, reliable results were obtained on the best effectiveness of complex treatment (MT+NSAIDs locally).

No. We recommend that you follow the standard average therapeutic doses. However, due to the onset of a faster therapeutic effect, the course of taking drugs can be reduced.

No. Simply, there are various options for applying inductors that allow you to act on surfaces of a different configuration (for example, a square).

Sometimes the treatment goes through an exacerbation. In the case of ALMAG, this reaction is associated with the individual hypersensitivity of the patient to magnetic fields. Cancel the procedure for 1 day. Then, for 2-3 days, to carry out a mode with a reduced exposure time by 1/3. As a rule, exacerbation is associated with non-compliance with the regime of vacation procedures during the first course. Tables that describe the duration of the procedures are provided in the operating instructions. And we see that it is recommended to reduce the exposure time for 3-4 days so as not to provoke exacerbations.

Yes, you can. But the total time of exposure to the magnetic field per day should not exceed 40 minutes.

This is the rate at which the effect occurs. The ability to reduce the course load of NSAIDs.

When using physiotherapy devices, it is necessary to rely on the contraindications indicated in the instructions. Special additional examination is not required if they are taken into account.