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PEMF Therapy Device for acute and chronic joint and back pain relief : rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis; osteochondrosis, including that complicated by prolapse; rehabilitation after orthopedic traumas and injuries.

ALMAG ACTIVE is intended to provide physiotherapeutic treatment of pain as well as recovery and rehabilitation measures using a low-frequency pulsed magnetic field, either in medical facilities or at home, upon the recommendation of a doctor.

ALMAG ACTIVE enables to:

- Reduce inflammation of joints, increase blood flow & circulation and improve cell metabolism;

- Relieve exacerbation of pain associated with musculoskeletal system disorders;

- Relieve joint stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis;

- Increase joint mobility;

- Promote restore of bones and joints.

Can be used as an essential part of the complex treatment and as a self-acting device.

ALMAG ACTIVE ensures enhanced treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and implies the disease-centered approach.

ALMAG ACTIVE can operate using three different modes:

- Analgesic mode : acute pain back and joint relief in the very first disease manifestation of the musculoskeletal system disorders and injures (sprains, fractures , dislocations and others) or in the chronic phrase of the diseases;

- Basic mode : treatment of a disease, thoroughly, by affecting on the core source of the pain ;

- Pediatric mode: treatment of children one month of age and older.

Advanced design and configuration:

Inductor coils are combined into two groups of two coils per group. The groups may be confi gured in the form of 2x2 matrix and/or «spline» composed of four inductor coils so that you can ensure the targeted therapy for the pain management in a damaged zone of the body.

The device can heal two / paired joints simultaneously.

How it works:

The device consists of the control unit (current pulse generator) and an emitter comprising four interconnected inductor coils used to provide exposure to individual parts of the body.

The device can heal two / paired joints simultaneously.

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