is a modern and compact Electromagnetic Field Therapy Device designed for at-home medical treatment.

ALMAG ACTIVE is a modern and compact physical therapy device designed for at-home medical treatment and based on medicals - advised  pulsed electromagnetic field . The device promotes the relief of acure pain in backache as well as reduces joint pain within the first week of the treatment.

It "fights against" ache caused by seasonal exacerbation by decreasing of the phenomenon of pain in a gentle but an effective manner. You can use the device wherever you want and keep  the health.

Power supply
AC mains
50 Hz / 60 Hz
~230+23-32V / ~120+6-10V
Nominal power
110 VA max / 55 VA max
Emitter to Control Unit cable length:
1.2 m ±0.1 m
Cable length between two pairsof inductor coils
0.4 m ±0.05 m
Power cord length
2.0 m ±0.1 m
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