Treatment of acute pain in orthopedic conditions (rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis; osteochondrosis , including that complicated by prolapse; rehabilitation after orthopedic traumas and injuries)

ALMAG ACTIVE relieves serve pain and reduce inflammation, increases blood circulation and improves cell metabolism

ALMAG ACTIVE enables to:

  • relieve exacerbation of pain associated with musculoskeletal system disorders;
  • relieve joint stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis;
  • increase joint mobility;
  • promote restore of bones and joints

Can be used as an essential part of the complex treatment and as a self-acting device. Promotes absorption of drugs, allows you to save money.

ALMAG ACTIVE ensures enhanced treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and implies the disease-centered modes.

  • the device has an analgesic mode for relieving acute pain in the very first disease manifestation of the musculoskeletal system disordrs and injures (sprains, fractures , dislocations and others) or in the chronic phrase of the diseases;
  • the device has basic mode which enables to treat a disease thoroughly by affecting on the core source of the pain ;
  • the device has a pediatric mode for the treatment of children one month of age and older.
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