treatment options for small joint arthritis of the upper limb (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder) and the lower limbs (hip joint, ankle joint, tibiofibular joints, etc.)

MAG-30 device is designed to do the therapeutic action upon the human organism with the variable non-uniform magnetic field. The device is recommended to be used in physiotherapeutic in-patient and out-patient departments and in home conditions by doctor`s prescribes.

  • The low-frequency sinus magnetic field has analgetic and inflammatory effect, improves both microcirculation processes and local blood circulation, stimulates resorption of inflammatory and traumatic edems, speeds-up regeneration of injured tissues and reparative regeneration.
  • The low-frequency magnetic field promotes improvement of the restrictive (stoping) process in the central nervous system (general wellbeing, the sleep become better, the irritability decreases), makes non-specific action upon the immunologic reactivity of the organism.
  • Magnetic field effect doesn’t cause neither endogenic warmth in the tissues or skin irritation.
  • It was noticed that people with the weak health, old people, and people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system have a good tolerance reaction to the action of magnetic field, that let the use the device in the a lot of cases, when some other physical factors (UHF, SHF-therapy) are not indicated.
  • Local influence of magnetic field makes for (causes) general adaptive change of the whole organism and anti-inflammatory effects in the separate far located areas of the organism.
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