is a PEMF device created to treat chronic prostatitis (also associated with adenoma) and to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

MAVIT is a PEMF therapy device created to treat erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis (also associated with adenoma), has a triple therapeutic effect on the prostatic gland: heat, pulsed magnetic field and soft vibration massage.

  • Significant amelioration comes after a few treatment sessions performed with MAVIT.
  • The applicator is made of material that does not cause discomfort during medical procedures.
  • MAVIT increases the effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medicaments.
  • The device does not require special medical knowledge or skills to operate.
  • Improves sex life.
  • Treatment method:

    • The device provides triple therapy on the prostatic gland: by means of PEMF, heat and soft vibration massage.
    • Due to the perfect combination of treatment methods MAVIT noticeably improves the functions of the prostate gland, reduces pain, eliminates inflammation, tones the muscles, regulates urination.
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