treatment for chronic prostatitis, including that associated with adenoma.

MAVIT is developed as a device for chronic prostatitis in cooperation with urologists. Its effectiveness is proven in clinical trials.

  • to remove inflammation of the prostate gland, to improve its functional status;
  • to achieve anti-inflammatory, anti- swelling and sedative effect, to relieve pain syndrome, to eliminate discomfort;
  • to activate smooth muscle contraction of prostate and pelvic floor, to restore muscle tone and function of evacuation of secretion;
  • to restore normal functioning of prostate, bladder and erectile function when the whole treatment course is completed.
  • Treatment method :

    • The device provides triple therapy on the prostatic gland: by means of PEMF, heat (37-42° С) and vibrating massage;
    • Procedure is hold once a day per 30 minutes. Treatment course – 7-9 procedures;
    • The procedure does not require medical education. The therapy can be performed by the patient himself.
    • MAVIT has no registered side effects. The device may be used both in combination with medications, prescribed by a doctor, and in monotherapy.

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