PEMF Therapy Device for acute and chronic joint and back pain relief : rheumatoid arthritis; osteoarthritis; osteochondrosis, including that complicated by prolapse; rehabilitation after orthopedic traumas and injuries.

Indications for use of ALMAG ACTIVE

    • Arthritides, arthroses, osteochondropathy, or bone spur.;
    • Dorsopathy including osteochondrosis vertebralis, herniated nucleus pulposus, or scoliosis;
    • Osteoporosis;
    • Hypertensive disease of the I and II degree;
    • Dystonia (vegetovascular dystonia);
    • Complications of diabetes mellitus Type I and II;
    • Atherosclerosis;
    • Vein and lymph vascular disease including varicosity and its complications as well as lymphostasis;
    • Asthma;
    • Bronchitis;
    • Nerve root and plexus disorders in extremities including post-traumatic as well as poststroke disorders;
    • Injuries (fractures).
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