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Wellness devices for managing back and joint pain at home

Wellness devices for managing back and joint pain at home

One of the most important components of health is a flexible spine and movable joints. It helps a person to be active, carry out the person’s plans and not depend on external assistance. Sounds good, does not it?

Complex treatment of joints and back helps people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Basic treatment

Medications, therapeutic physical culture, physiotherapy – are basis of the complex treatment of joint and back pain. Unfortunately, patients don’t pay much attention to preventive measures, and usually ignore physiotherapy because it’s not easy to forget to take a pill, physical therapy exercises can be done at home; but to visit physiotherapy office or go for health resort treatment is not so easy.

ALMAG ACTIVE is a portable home-use PEMF Therapy Device by ELAMED can help you.

Indication for the use of ALMAG ACTIVE :

  • arthrosis;
  • arthritis;
  • osteochondrosis, incl. cervical osteochondrosis;
  • herniation of the intervertebral disc;
  • consequences of injuries.

Therapeutic effect byALMAG ACTIVE is based on pulsed magnetic field, which helps to improve blood flow and metabolic process, and, in this way, promotes health of musculoskeletal system.

Three operating modes – therapeutic, pediatric and analgesic ones, which pre-set to relieve pain and inflammations – allows to use ALMAG ACTIVE as a «first aid» in the healing of acute pain. The device can be your home - physiotherapy office.

ALMAG ACTIVE ensures advanced treatment of joint and back pain at-home, you do not need specific medical knowledge to use the device.

Advantages of ALMAG ACTIVE :

  • intuitive control unit;
  • the function of saving parameters of the latest - used operating mode (can help in the case of course treatment);
  • an option to treat two-paired the human body organs simultaneously;
  • work light indicator and work audio indicator;
  • the function of automatically switching off in 20 minutes after a treatment procedure’s start (pre-set programs).

Treatment is easier and more comfortable with ALMAG ACTIVE. Just imagine: in the morning you do physical therapy exercises, in the evening – PEMF Therapy, in front of TV, by pulsed magnetic fields providing treatment of joints or injured back or even enhancing therapeutic effects of healing ointment for the musculoskeletal system.

So that is a complex therapy. So you can live without pain.

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