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Difference between ALMAG – 01 and ALMAG ACTIVE.

Difference between ALMAG – 01 and ALMAG ACTIVE.

Is it possible to relieve pain in arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis when the disease is in acute phase? Is it possible to beat chronic joint and back pain? Medical practitioners say that it's not possible, but is even required.

In order to avoid pain syndrome, to stop joint destruction and cartilage damage in back, you would better to act with decision. ELAMED advice to consult with physicians and/or medical practitioners to understand features of treatment methods define what suits you better and start the healing.

Time is not only money, but also is health. The longer you do nothing to treat the signs, the more bronchitis develops. What can prevent you from making a decision about the correct treatment of a disease of the musculoskeletal system? Usually this is the lack of time to visit physiotherapy office in a hospital, or acute pain is so severe that there can be no talk of any movement even within the same room.

The pain therapy implies combined treatment, including home - use remedies for the healing of the back and joint ache and, in particular, portable physiotherapy devices generating magnetic pulsed field.

How does it work?

Magnetic pulsed field provides local and targeted treatment explosure on a damaged area; and acting in combination with medications, improves the medical drug absorption. So active drug substance reaches the goal better, that means that you do not need to increase either the drug dosage frequency of medication.

ALMAG-01 and ALMAG ACTIVE may help you.

So, you suffer from chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis with alternating periods of remission and exacerbation.

For the treatment of acute phase of disease , you’d better use a device with parameters of the magnetic field, designed specifically to combat inflammation and pain.

ALMAG ACTIVE implies treatment in a phased manner with the use of two preset programs, that allows you to start the treatment from the first days of the disease (taking into account contraindications).

In the first week, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic regime is applied, then the patient is treated with a regime that accelerates metabolic processes, improves blood circulation, and promotes recovery.

Finally to beat the pain, combined therapy with the use of the device and local anti-inflammatory agent is prescribed. Thus, it becomes possible to quickly return to an active life.

Relief of chronic pain and achievement of long – term remission is possible

ALMAG-01 operates in one mode and with one frequency. Therapy with this device is aimed at achieving a long-term - more than 3 months - remission, at a systematic improvement in the functional state of the joints. By combining local non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and ALMAG-01 treatment sessions, a reduction in the number of medications can be made quite achievable, so the expected result is a good tolerability of therapy in chronic patients with concomitant diseases.

Thus, acting according to the treatment regime prescribed by your doctor, helping medications to fully reach the focus of pathology, it is possible to achieve both the removal of acute pain syndrome and long-term remission. The main thing is to make a decision and start complex treatment.

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