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portable PEMF device for the relief of acute back and joint pain

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AC mains of two types:
~120V (+6V; -10V) at 60Hz
Nominal power:
≤55 VA for a 120-V version
Dimensions (mm):
142x75x35 for a control unit;
890x88x18 for an emitter;
< 0.8 kg
Coil excitation frequencies:
6.25/7.5 for basic mode;
6.25/7.5 for pediatric mode;
100/120 for analgetic mode.
Peak values of the magnetic field density on coil surfaces:
20±6mT/200±60G for basic mode;
8±2mT/80±20G for pediatric mode;
6±2mT/60±20G for analgetic mode.
Maximum operating temperature:
+41°C for coils;
+45°C for a pulse generator.
Mean service life:
5 years
Delivery set
Spline faste:
1 piece
1 piece
Magnetic field indicator:
1 piece
Operating Manual:
1 piece
Retail package:
1 piece
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