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ALMAG-01 electricity standards

ALMAG-01 electricity standards

Attention! We have a separate production line for the American market. Devices produced for Europe and Russia do not function properly in the USA and the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply to such devices when operated in the USA.

Most enquiries on this matter are about our flagship product ALMAG-01 which is produced in two configurations: 120V/60Hz for the USA, Canada and Ecuador, and 220V/50Hz for Europe.

ALMAG-01 for 120V/60Hz standard not only is assembled differently, but its inductors have alternative winding parameters. That being said, a device intended for European electric circuits cannot be adjusted to American standards. That procedure would require a control unit board replacement as well as inductors replacement, which basically means replacing a whole device.

ALMAG-01 operation in the USA requires a converter that may also cause problems, because the device is sensitive to the properties of supply voltage.

ALMAG-01 (120V/60Hz) won’t work when powered with the help of voltage reducing converter plugged into a European electrical outlet (220V/50Hz). As a quality control test at the plant our newly produced devices get plugged to a specially designed power supply with 60 Hz frequency.

ALMAG-01 intended for European electric circuits might malfunction when plugged into a 60 Hz outlet. If the device does start working, it will automatically turn off in less than 22 minutes.

Converter type makes a big difference too. ALMAG-01 requires sinusoidal voltage and might fail if powered otherwise. Besides, Almag-01 creates impulse magnetic field thus requiring high levels of energy for each impulse. In this instance a low-power converter could simply fail to manage the load. Converters that suit the purpose cost 250USD and above. Due to the fact that electric power supply serves as a starting impulse in Almag-01, the device needs a carefully chosen converter that will enable stable operation. You won’t have to bother with any of that if you purchase the device from our authorized distributors in the USA, Canada and Ecuador.

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