treatment for children with upper respiratory infection and its side effects (runny nose, maxillar sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis)

The dry heat of FEYA device is made to treat and prevent common disaeses as well as an effective aid in breathing problems. It curative effect in local thermal action on the particular area of the nasopharynx with constant individually selected program according to personal temperature feeling.

  • Use-proven, highly effective and convenient therapeutic means for children and adults.
  • Efficient for treatment and prophylacsis.
  • Perfect for home use.
  • Reduces consumption of nasal dose.
  • Treatment Method

  • The local dosed heating of nose tissue results to better microcirculation of blood which stimulates the increase of tissue oxygen value thereby stimulating metabolic and regenerative processes.
  • All the viruses die under the thermal effect with the temperature of 40-42°С (104-107,6°F).
  • It is especially good for children: the device provides «soft» warmth allowing infants to feel comfortable during the treatment procedure; it helps to reduce the significant use of vasodilating nasal drops or practically exclude their use.
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