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Can You Use PEMF for Lower Respiratory Disease?

Can You Use PEMF for Lower Respiratory Disease?

There is a growing number of search queries on Yahoo devoted to the question: «How PEMF Therapy may improve Lower Respiratory Disease?»

The answer is: PEMF is a great option to explore if you are struggling with symptoms of asthma or signs of other lower respiratory diseases.

Scientific studies have shown that using PEMF for COPD, asthma or pneumonia can lower the risk of the disease attacks when used as a complex therapy. The treatment method of PEMF is based on pathogenetic therapy, the main goal of which is restoration of impaired immune functions, and normalization of the metabolic process. PEMF Therapy Devices are designed help the body’s natural healing processes by enhancing circulation, oxygenation, nutrient absorption, energy production and detoxification, etc.

The Human studies prove that Pulses ElectroMagnetic Filed can reduce symptoms of lung disease in a non-invasive, painless way without costing too much money.

PEMF for Lower Respiratory Disease: How Does it Work?

Inflammation in the lungs often leads to asthma, COPD, pneumonia attack; this is why complex approach in managing lung disorders is an important part of the therapy: inhaled medication to open up the lungs and prevent them from constricting again (bronchodilators and steroids) , breathing exercises , PEMF and Wellness therapy devices.

Medications are the first course of treatment, but there are post – viral symptoms, which take time to be treated.

The nature of low-respiratory lung disease is marked with the following features: poor circulation within the lungs can cause the blood vessels to become inflamed. These signs results in the breaking down of surrounding tissues over time .

For recovering lungs after pneumonia, bronchitis or COPD, getting rid of the pneumonia signs, doctor can make a balanced diet plan, exercise plan, and select natural supplements for you personally. Additionally the doctor can find the ideal PEMF settings for your personal use, so the device isn’t set either too high or too low. A practitioner can also recommend the right number of sessions and the ideal session duration for optimal results – as a part of physiotherapy lung treatment.

Using a specific PEMF Therapy Device on the area of the upper back can improve overall airway management since there is the motor neuronscenter of the spinal cord, which innervates the respiratory muscles - the diaphragm and intercostal muscles.

Because PEMF affects on your gastric mucosa or blood directly, the therapy devices tend to cause fewer systemic side effects than pills or injections.

PEMF devices stimulates the body’s cells to struggle with inflammation; when the cells receive stimulation from the pulsed electromagnetic fields, the tissues, blood vessels and capillaries can heal.

Gentle and careful magnetic field effect, produced by PEMF Therapy , resulted in the reduction of pneumonia’s signs and symptoms, include cough, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, etc. The Devices recharge the human’s body cells, repairing them as well as creating new healthy cells. So sounds like self-repairing, isn’t it?

There are scientific studies state that PEMF Therapy struggle the disorders of lungs .

ELAMED introduces advanced PEMF device ALMAG-02 to the market, specially designed for long-term treatment of lung respiratory disorders. .

It comes with a flexible PEMF mat and 79 pre -set exposure programs for the treatment of an affected zone.

ALMAG-02 can be used as at-home PEMF Therapy Device and as a professional physiotherapy device for lung recovery.

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