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How to treat prostatitis with MAVIT?

10/17/2022 01:08:00 pm
How to treat prostatitis with MAVIT?

Prostatitis is a disorder of the prostate gland usually associated with inflammation. The first signs are nit obvious: men used to consider the early symptoms of the disease as a common weakness and put the treatment on the back burner.

Moreover, there is a belief that prostatitis is a common condition which men can't prevent , the disease comes with a certain age (age-related disease) – they believe.

On a positive note, there is an effective type of prostatitis treatment which helps to cure the disease at home.

What is Prostatitis?

The prostate gland is a small walnut-sized organ located in the pelvic area, between the bladder and the penis. It is surrounding the urethra, the tube that empties urine from the bladder.

The prostate’s key function is the production of a fluid which, together with sperm cells from the testicles and fluids from other glands, forms semen. Plus the prostate gland closes the urethra up to the bladder during ejaculation.


Pristatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Due to the gland is situated directly below the bladder in men, enlarged prostate gland affects urinary tract and causes urinary problems – it obstructs or blocks the flow of urine. The bigger inflammation of the prostate gland is, the more urine remains in the bladder

Pristatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Due to the gland is situated directly below the bladder in men, enlarged prostate gland affects urinary tract and causes urinary problems – it obstructs or blocks the flow of urine. The bigger inflammation of the prostate gland is, the more urine remains in the bladder.

The symptoms of prostatitis

There are no pain receptors in the tissues of the prostate gland, the main reason of the pain is that inflammation process attacks nerve receptors, which are widely distributed in the prostate , the nerves controlling the testicles, scrotum, perineum, and groin are connected to prostate. So when the inflammation appears, it will affect the nearby nerves, then the patients feel the dull pain. The pain is not fixed in a particular area and can be more or less intensively depends on the patient behavior. The referred pain caused by prostatitis often occurs in edgebone, scrotum and perineum; sometimes it causes pain in lumbar region. One of the most common symptoms is clear or whitish urethral discharge during bowel movements. Exacerbation of chronic prostatitis results in a slight body temperature rise, complicated with the pain signs, mentioned above.


Mostly, chronic prostatitis destabilizing sexual function by means of painful ejaculation, loss of sex drive in men, frequent nighttime erections, premature ejaculation.

Stages of prostatitis

There are different stages of chronic prostatitis, they are not basically differ one from another – the difference depends on health condition of a person, on the immune system of a man and inflammation level of the prostate. Nevertheless, the disease :

  • alternative stage of the disease (the patient complains of discomfort in the groin, scrotum and pubis);
  • proliferative inflammatory atrophy of the prostate (the patient notes frequent urination with a weak stream, a constant feeling of not completely emptying the bladder. And ejaculation becomes, on the contrary, difficult and slow);
  • cicatricial changes (at this stage, the prostate tissues begin to intensively thicken. The patient complains of discomfort in the pelvic and pubic area, frequent urge to urinate with a thin stream and incomplete emptying. The erection is very weak or non-existent, ejaculation becomes almost impossible, and the orgasm is weak, without vivid impressions. Prostatitis passes into the stage of chronic prostatitis of unstable remission, in which constant pain is observed and remission occurs only for a few hours).

Reasons of (chronic) prostatitis

Common causes of prostatitis – trigger factors :

  • Congestion on Prostate (prostate tissue ) ;
  • Organism infections (infectious diseases) ;
  • Chronic intoxication (alcoholic drinks , nicotine) ;
  • Unhealthy diet.

Everything that leads to immune system disorders, among others : stress, poor nutritional status, inactive lifestyle, hypothermia can provoke prostatitis .

The disease can be caused by venereal diseases and bacterial infections, oral-dental diseases, psychological overpressure.

In the case of venereal diseases or urinary tract infection the prostate gland is being infected with blood and lymph flow or with urine. In the case of oral-dental diseases and prostatitis, the development of the disease is started with when the infection gets into prostate gland and causes inflammation in a rapid time.

The main risk is that after the rapid first phrase of the disease, prostatitis turns to be chronic without pronounced symptoms. So a patient does not pay attention to the disorder and, in such a way, make the treatment of prostatitis more complicated. That’s why it’s important to mention accompanying symptoms of prostatitis , which are characteristic of the disease at an early stage.

How to treat prostatitis with MAVIT PEMF Therapy Device

MAVIT affects the prostate gland simultaneously with microvibration and pulsed magnetic field. The combination of these two factors allows you to treat the inflammatory process, improve the functional state of the pelvic floor muscles and the patency of the urinary tract. And what is important, the use of the device leads to a noticeable reaction in the form of increased blood circulation throughout the vascular collector.


The use of the device resulted in the increase of blood flow in the Vascular Prostate.


The treatment: It is recommended that the probe with patient's cable be placed in a protective sheath (condom), lubricated with sterile vaseline and connected to the power supply. In the supine position and half-bent knees, insert the probe into the rectum.

  • The course of treatment is 7-9 procedures; every single procedure is carried out once a day;
  • The exposure time of a procedure is 30 minutes;
  • After a procedure, the device automatically switched off;
  • All products are certified. The result of the treatment are clinically proven.

The pulsed magnetic field, vibration and heat effects ensure a positive effect on stagnant processes in the prostate gland. Microvibration improves the intensity of metabolic processes, which contributes to the removal of toxins from tissues. A decrease in prostate edema contributes to increased pressure of the urine stream and improved potency.

After completing the course of treatment, the patient feels more comfortable - his level of pain is reduced and the urge to urinate noticeably thins out. Attention! During treatment, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of your doctor (urologist). In the acute phase of the disease, it is impossible to use MAVIT, and during the course of treatment, it is necessary to carefully follow the instructions for use.

In the first 3 -4 days of the treatment, strong symptomatic exacerbation can occur , then after the exacerbation comes the pain relief .

Therapeutic effect of MAVIT PEMF Therapy Device

The treatment is based on three therapeutic effects: pulsed magnetic field, heat and vibration massage. A complex effect on the prostate gland can improve its functional state and stop the inflammatory process by restoring normal blood circulation in the organ.

The pulsed magnetic field has an anti-inflammatory, decongestant and sedative effect that relieves pain.

Vibration massage restores the contractile capabilities of the muscle elements of the prostate and pelvic floor.

The device significantly alleviates the suffering of the patient, relieves irritation of the urinary tract and reduces swelling of the prostate gland. Reduced swelling reduces the amount of residual urine in the bladder, which reduces the number of urges and improves jet pressure.

In addition, the complex effect of the device on the prostate tissue and nerve endings leads to the restoration of sexual functions and improved potency.

The advantages of MAVIT in prostatitis treatment

  • Helps to boost male sexual confidence. The treatment of prostatitis can be performed by the patient himself;
  • The device is easy to use and set up the treatment course. No any psychological discomfort;
  • The effectiveness of the device, in the treatment of prostatitis, is proved with clinical trials ;
  • Man's sexual health is noticeably increased in a few treatment courses, and the use of the device does not cause discomfort and addiction.

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