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Treatment of prostatitis
and the overcome
for erectile dysfunction

Integrated treatment:
magnetic field+vibration

Optimized physical
performance of the device

Clinically Proven Effective and Safe

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noted decline in pain intensity1

reduced inflammation of the prostate2

the patients experienced erections that lasted longer3

МAVITcan help to:

In the case of Prostatitis
and prostate adenoma

Reduce inflammation of the prostate and decrease prostate size safely

Relieve or cure prostatitis symptoms

Control of urination: induce urination or get rid of frequent urination

Reduce enlarged prostate, boost tissue regeneration

In the case of
erectile dysfunction

Regain erectile function

Strengthen and increase potency in men

Treat painful ejaculation

Increase male sexual libido and enhance your orgasm

MAVIT can be used
for benign enlargement of
the prostate (prostate adenoma)

Before the treatment course of prostatitis by MAVIT , please get consultation with your doctor


doesn’t break the rhythm of life - a treatment session can be conducted within a day without any reference to a fixed «time take medications»;

private method of the disease treatment – the therapy can be performed by the patients himself ;

save the patient’s time – no need to go outside for the treatment ;

decrease the risk of getting seasonal influenza and viruses. The patients don’t have to go outside and contact with other people in public places (bus, hospitals) .

Integrated approach results in an advanced treatment of prostatitis

Magnetic field can help to:

reduce (prostate) inflammation ;

reduce enlarged prostate;

reduce the pain associated with the disease;

increase cellular metabolism and boost tissue regeneration.

Vibromassage can help to:

regulate prostatic smooth muscle tone and help for pelvic-floor muscle dysfunction;

ejaculate harder and more;

manage lower urinary tract symptoms in men.

For ensuring patient comfort during the medical treatment MAVIT
provides local physiologic effects of heat.


Clinical trials and scientific studies

the device is clinically effective, which means that the therapeutic effect declared by the manufacturer has been confirmed in medical institutions with the participation of the patient volunteers.

We conduct scientific researches and clinical studies in order to:

resolve our customers’ health care issues ;

design physiotherapy devices which help to cure disorders. We manufacture home use PEMF machines and advanced healthcare devices for professional medical use;

contribute to the medicine development

Bericht zur Beobachtung von MAVIT

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Influence of Magnetic Vibration Heating Massage on Erectile Dysfunction in Patients with Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis

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The role of physiotherapy in men’s health


Customer trust

More then 96 000 of MAVIT have been manufactured by ELAMED and purchased by our customers

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Kundenbewertungen zu MAVIT-01 Modell 2021 Nach erste 10 Tägige Behandlung gab es schon deutliche Verbesserungen. Empfehlenswert gleich mit medikamentöser Behandlung durchführen




MAVIT PEMF MACHINE I had been suffering from severe erectile dysfunction for several years. Although under treatment by a very capable urologist, the only “cure” that the urologist could come up with was prescribing Viagra/Levitra/Cialis.


Our products are certified to meet international quality standards›

Our enterprise’s quality assurance system meets the requirements of the International standard ISO 13485:2016.

1.The effectiveness of the integrated approach to the treatment of chronic prostatitis, including in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia//

2.Loran O.B., Gerasimenko M.Y., Lukyanov I.V., Zaitseva T.N., Evstegneeva I.S., Integrated treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia // Training manual. Moscow. 2021. P. 20-28

3.Korenkov D.G., Marusanov V.E., The impact of heat + magnetic field _ vibro massage on erectile dysfunction in patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis // Andrology and genital surgery. 2016. Volume 17. P. 57-62


acute prostatitis;
• chronic prostatitis in acute phase;
• malignant tumor of prostate;
• active tuberculosis or suspected tuberculosis prostatitis;
• Inflammatory bowel disease;
• malignant tumor of straight intestine

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