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How to beat bronchitis by MAGOFON PEMF Therapy Device

How to beat bronchitis by MAGOFON PEMF Therapy Device

Prevalence proportion of bronchitis is underrated: patients believe that the disease would be cured of itself and do not treat it early in the course of the disorder. As the result there is a risk that acute bronchitis turned to be a chronic one.

Side-effects of the advanced disease are: the replacement of lung tissue with connective tissue (pneumosclerosis) and bronchopneumonia up to malignant tumors in lungs. The long-term breathing difficulties of chronic bronchitis can put additional strain on your heart, causing heart disease or exacerbating heart failure.

In the treatment of chronic bronchitis complex therapy composing of antiinfectives and physiotherapy is used.

What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease of the human respiratory system that affects airway mucosa. This is one of the most common lower respiratory tract infection which spreads quickly and accompanied by cough and high human body temperature .

In bronchitis, inflammation process promotes the production of mucous secretion and swelling of bronchial wall thickening, the inflammation leads to cough, breathing problems and increase of the human body-temperature. Bronchitis is defied by impairment of protective and cleansing mechanisms of bronchi, if the patient ignores this disbalance in the bronchi, bronchitis can be turned into chronic phrase.

It used to be considered 10 - 25% of men and women, all over the world, have suffered from acute or chronic types of bronchitis.

What causes bronchitis?

There are a number of reasons of bronchitis. Chronic and acute bronchitis can be caused by viral infection of human immune system, hypothermia, cold and hot airflow , dust level in the air or air pollution ( the presence of toxic chemicals or compounds in the air) .

Other factors causing bronchitis :

  • Smoking;
  • Environment problems – living in regions with high air pollution;
  • Genetics - inborn errors of AAT (Alpha-1 antitrypsin) protein, which produced by liver and released into the bloodstream;
  • Working environment – when air pollutants invading the body and each breath delivering those chemicals to the blood. Some people consider that bronchitis is a professional disease of workers at millings, cloth manufactory.

The unfavorable ecological situation provokes chronic respiratory diseases

Symptoms of bronchitis

The most common symptom of bronchitis is cough.

The first signs of bronchitis are common for a number of respiratory diseases:

  • dry cough;
  • high body temperature;
  • weakness and fever.
    • When coughing patient experience a burning sensation and itchy in the throat, pain in ribs when inhaling and exhaling, what is associated with high body temperature. When the temperature is getting decreased, production of mucopurulent sputum in cough is increasing. The condition spreads through quickly, but, with a proper treatment, patient gets healthy .

      In improper treatment or health condition of the patient, bronchitis can be turned from acute stage into a chronic one. Chronic bronchitis is defined with long-lasting cough (the symptom lasts 3 months within an year or more) in two years in a row.

      Other signs of bronchitis are shortness in breath, runny nose, headache , swollen tonsils and redness of back of throat.

      The Different Stages of Bronchitis

      Usually bronchitis lasts for 10 days. The disease can start along with flu or сhest cold: this disease is often a complication of other respiratory disorders.

      Mostly acute bronchitis starts with dry cough, which, step by step, become wet (productive) cough. Along with that the body temperature of the patient is getting high, he starts suffering from headache and getting tired quickly.

      While the headache, runny nose , or weakness are over in a short period of time, cough can last for a few weeks, because of slow recovery of bronchi the inflammation.

      Long period of coughing may be a sign of bronchial asthma or turning of acute bronchitis into chronic stage: untreated disease promotes irreversible airway remodeling in bronchi tissues and can resulted in tuberculosis.

      Untreated disease can lead to remodeling in lung, abnormal gas exchanging in lungs, decrease of the drainage function of the bronchi and the rise of germs (viruses) which, «travelling» in the blood flow, can attack other human body’s organs (hears, blood vessels, nephros).

      One of the most dangerous symptoms of the disease is wheezing, when mucus in bronchi blocks air flow in the lungs, and because breathing problems. Lack of oxygen in the bloodstream causes errors in pulmonary circulation (the heart – the lung – the heart).

      How to treat bronchitis by MAGOFON

      In acute bronchitis MAGOFON is used after the relapse cycle, in chronic bronchitis – is used in remission period (the reduction or disappearance of the signs and symptoms of a disease).

      The first treatment course by MAGOFON is carried out for two week, taking a break for two-days.

      Fix the device on the upper third of chest (the clavicular head area) and intrascapular area. Exposure time is being prolonged gradually, during the course of the treatment, bringing the indicator to duration from 2 to 4 minutes per a treatment session. The treatment course is allowed to be hold twice in a day with particular duration and intensity.

      In the case of chronic or obstructive bronchitis (and with the aim to keep safe the achieved therapeutic effect) a repeated course of treatment by MAGOFON should be carries out not earlier than 30-40 days after the end of the first course of treatment.

      MAGOFON is allowed to be used for the treatment for children aged ≥2 years old.

      The time of a treatment course, for kids aged from 2 to 5 years old, should be set up as a half of calculated value for adults – for example if for an adult the exposure time is set up as 2 minutes, for a 4 years kid, the time should be set up as a 1 minutes.

      The time of a treatment course for children aged from 5 to 7 years old, is 1/3 per calculated dose for an adult.

      Therapeutic effect of MAGOFON

      The treatment effect of MAGOFON is based on the therapeutic effect of an alternating magnetic field and vibroacoustic oscillation on tissue cells.

      The therapeutic action of the magnetic field allows you to increase the fluidity of blood - as a result, the process of parietal thrombus stops, patency of the blood vessels is inscreased. Improving the blood supply to the diseased organ allows you to remove swelling and promote the recovery of damaged areas of airway mucosa.

      Vibroacoustic signals of MAGOFON enhance the therapeutic effect of an alternating magnetic field. The impact of vibration and sound leads to a reflex expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, exerting an exciting effect on the receptors of nerve endings. Mechanical and sound vibrations can increase blood flow and lymph flow in the area of application of the device, promoting recovery.

      The magnetoacoustic effect promotes the process of medications delivery to the damaged organs; as the result, the efficiency of the simultaneous use of the medical drugs and MAGOFON is more effective (therapeutic effect). That is why, we advise. to reduce the number of medication intake, if you use MAGOFON as a treatment method, cause the device enhances the health-care effect of a medical drug and “usual “ dose of pills might be “overdose” in combined therapy MAGOFON + medications. Please consult a doctor.

      Advantages of MAGOFON in the treatment of bronchitis:

      • MAFOGON provides a double effect - an alternating magnetic field and low-frequency signals, which promotes the process of tissue regeneration.
      • Not just eliminating of bronchitis symptoms but the treatment of the disease itself.
      • In just a few procedures, the swelling of the bronchial tubes is reduced, drainage function of the bronchi is increased and pathway of air into lung works correctly.
      • Exposure to an alternating magnetic field improves expectoration by reducing the viscosity of sputum.
      • The device enhances therapeutic effects of medications.
      • MAGOFON is easy to use and can be used for the treatment for a number of disorders .

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