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How to treat migraine headache?

How to treat migraine headache?

Migraine is a type of headache, which is defined by attacks of severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation; often the pain starts or is concentrated on 1 (one) side women are more predisposed to migraines.

Earlier the disease was called «hemicephalalgia», «Alice's syndrome» and etc. Attacks of the pain are accompanied with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, sleepiness. In 10-15% the headache phase is preceded with so called aura phase - refers to changes in the senses: changes to their sense of smell, hearing, and touch. Speech and movement may also be affected.

Any type of headache, with aura phase or without it, is a problem for a person cause «cut the person off » from his / her own life (daily routine). Taking into account that:


  • Headache phase of a migraine attack can lasts up to three days, in this period patient needs bad rest;
  • The pain may lead to neurological disorders (insultus, status migrainosus) .

Undoubtedly that treatment of migraine needs to be complex.

Though migraine causes aren't fully understood. One aspect of migraine pain theory explain that the disease caused by loss of blood vessel tone, the increase in blood pulse pressure, the increase of vascular permeability resulting in critical mechanism contributing to perfusion changes observed in migraine with aura.

Specific anti-migraine agents

What medicines to use? Triptans (the modern “gold standard” for migraine relief) helps in the pain relief; the drugs are synthetic serotonin receptor agonists that are used in the therapy of migraine and vascular headache. Triptans are a class of medications which prevent the release of vasoactive neuropeptides, that results in The vasoconstriction of temporal and middle meningeal arteries reduced throbbing while coincidentally diminishing the intensity of the headache. As we mentioned above migraine pain. mostly, caused by vascular distention.

Triptans must be dispensed from pharmacies by prescription, these drugs are prescribed by a doctor - a neurologist, therapist, psychotherapist, are taken in strict dosages, and the patient's condition is monitored by the attending physician.

One more medicine for migraine pain relief is ergotamine. The drug is synthetic serotonin receptor agonists as well.

Analgesics and others medicine


Due to a specific character of migraine headache, standard analgesics are not effective in its healing. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug is the first treatment recommended for migraine attacks in patients. Co-Formulation Products are more effective (in particular those, multi-ingredient medications containing caffeine, which enhance the delivery of NSAIDs across the blood-brain barrier), vitamin B complex medications and some medical supplements. Triptans act on the pain once a migraine or headache has developed.

As symptomatic medication is recommended antiemetic drugs (domperidone, metoclopramide), vasoconstrictor agent (caffeine), some spasmolytics.

For preventing migraine headache attacks are recommended the following medications: beta-blockers, anti-depressants, anti-epileptic drugs, anti-anxiety medications, vitamin B complex medications, Magnesium сomplex medications, nootropics, antioxidants and others. Patients can use herbal blends with valerian, hawthorn, udo and other medicinal herbs, although it is not clinically proven in the treatment of migraine headache , those supplies can be used as herbal sedative.

Medical ways of migraine head pain therapy are not usually effective due to drug tolerance and some individual features, that’s why increasing attention is being pain to behaviour therapy, physiotherapy , SPA and mind-cure therapy.

Non-drug therapy

What therapies are better to use? Methods of physical influence have been proven in the treatment of various types of migraine. Treatment is carried out mainly in remission periods. Completing a course, including physiotherapy and pharmacotherapy, allows you to extend the period without attacks and improve the general well-being of patients.

Physical Therapy for Migraine Headaches: Does It Work?

Speaking about generally accepted methods of physical therapy for migraine headache they enumerate:

  • Medicinal electrophoresis based on herbal medications with a number of effects (vasoconstrictor agent, sedating medication, brain stimulation). The procedure is carried out according to the endonasal method, when the effect of direct current and the introduction of a medicinal substance is carried out through the nasal mucosa, or electrophoresis of the cervical-collar zone is performed;

    Galvanic stimulation, darsonvalization, electrostatic massage provide brain cells stimulation and promote vasoconstriction (this helps the blood vessels constrict and stop excess blood flow , so setting off migraine) ;

    Magnetotherapy (PEMF Therapy) has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of migraine headache pain. Applying PEMF Device directing the applicator (mat, pad, pillow, or coil) towards the area of head and neck area. Brain structures (in particular hypothalamus which is responsible regulation of certain metabolic processes and other activities of the autonomic nervous system. ) are sensitive to the effects of a magnetic field , the healthcare effect lasts for and a day and more after a therapy session : changes in a membrane's permeability to ions can cause significant changes in the membrane potential, speeding up metabolism (metabolic process), improving blood circulation, relieving other signs of migraine headache .

    With applying this or that method of magnetotherapy, patient can get a variety of healthcare effects: static magnetic field ensures nervous sedation and vasodilative effect, pulsed magnetic field provides analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects.

    PEMF Therapy (magnetotherapy) as a treatment method is used in Holistic Healing Center , in physiotherapeutic rooms of hospitals and clinics; the method can be used in ambulant management for migraine. Due to portable PEMF Therapy Devices for at-home use, patients can complete physiotherapy treatment by her/himself, or under medical supervision, for migraine relief and preventing of migraine attacks.


    Recently physiotherapeutic combined magneto/laser therapy has gained widespread. Results of this combined therapy reduce migraine attacks and its signs, prolong remission period relative to pharmalogical treatment only.

    • Cryotherapy treatment provides vasoconstrictor effect related to cerebral vessels, promotes venous drainage, imitating «tone» of vessels . Cryotherapy can help treat migraines by cooling and numbing nerves in the neck area;
    • Contrast Bath Therapy for Foot. How it works? During cooling thermoreceptors in the body send impulse to vasomotor center to vasoconstrictor of the brain and speeding up blood flow;
    • Cryosauna is a modern method of treatment of head pain, but in this case cooling of target area of the human body is achieved by means of cooling agents (liquid nitrogen gas and etc.) .

    Behaviour therapy, mind-cure therapy

    Behavior therapy can be used in treatment of migraine pain but it’s not easy to eliminate foods that you think your body can’t tolerate, stop drinking alcohol and manage your stress and escape factors (penetrating odour , loud sound and etc. ) which can provoke migraine attacks . It’s important to keep daily routine, have rest and sleep. To prevent the disease is easier then treating it. If a patient suffers from migraine attacks , its recommended to use antimigraine method for example PEMF Therapy Device .

    In some cases psychological therapy helps by promoting the decrease of psychoemotional stress. Migraine is admitted to be one of the psychosomatic diseases which is caused by continuously stress. If it’s your case, you would better to visit behavioral therapist.

    Migraine is pretty well diagnosed, the disease can be treated or relieved combining a variety of therapy methods: not only medical drugs and agents but physiotherapy, behavior therapy and others.

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