Polymeric Medical Trolley-Table With Shelves

the good is designed for containers keeping and transportation

Polymeric medical trolley-table with shelves is applied for usage in some clinics, hospitals, doctors’ offices or beauty salons to pick up and transport medical or other instruments


  • The structure of the trolley-table consists of a frame above for placing a polymeric disinfection tub for presterilization medical instruments EDPO-10-01*. There are two shelves under the frame. The shelf at the bottom of the trolley table has a fence for comfortable usage;
  • The trolley-table is equipped with 4 wheels having a rotation gear.

Nominal load characteristics of the trolley-table:

  • For a polymeric shelf - 15 kg.


  • The 75 mm diameter wheels has brake to prevent spontaneous moving.

Shelves materials:

  • High-duty polymeric material.


  • Made of steel spherical tubes of size with white polymeric covering.


  • Made of steel bar of size Ø6 мм . with white polymeric covering.


  • The surface of the trolley-table is resistant to disinfection by chemical method with permitted disinfectants intended for disinfecting of medical devices.
  • Quality and Warranty package:

    • The average service life not less than 5 years;
    • The warranty period is 24 months;
    • Declaration of conformity and registration certificate: available;
    • The trolley-table belongs to class 1 of potential risk of use, according to the European Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14.06.1993, the Annex 9.
525 мм
495 мм
965 мм
17,5 kg
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