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Manufacturer Warranty

Dear customers!

The manufacturer hereby guaranties that the quality of manufactured materials is in compliance with the requirements listed in the Technical specifications chapter of the Operating Manual provided that the conditions of proper storage, transportation, and usage are met by the consumers.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty for Elamed products is stated in Operating Manuals that are enclosed with each good.

Within the warranty period, we will replace any damaged device for free.

Warranty obligations are not applicable in the following cases:

  • Upon warranty period expiration;
  • When consumers fail to meet the conditions of proper storage, transportation, and usage listed in Operating Manuals for the devices.

Warranty is not valid in the following cases:

  • Device exposure to third-party interference or reparation in an unauthorized service center is detected;
  • Unauthorized device construction or scheme changes are detected
  • Device has been mechanically damaged;
  • Device has been damaged by means of foreign objects, substances or liquids placed inside;
  • Device has been damaged due to power network parameters conflict.

How to file a warranty claim:

If your case is a warranty claim you should contact ELAMED representative in your country.

The list of representatives can be found on our ‘Our partners’ page.


If a purchased device is to be used in Russia, it falls under the warranties applicable on the territory of Russia. In such cases you should contact the seller from which the device was purchased. If that is impossible for any reason, we ask you to reach us using the contact information listed above.