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Report «Device usage Almag-serial №001»

  • Name of the medical organization:Dr. Wasoori Clinic
  • Name and surname of the doctor : Dr. Satish Chander Wasoori
  • Period: from June 2016 to August 2018

Condidition of the patient on whom device was used

The disease Number of patients Used program
Diabetic Neuropathy 106 8


The group of diseases Therapeutic effect The number of patients who received a therapeutic effect (number of people / % of those who had initially pathological symptoms)

Diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system - Diabetic Neuropathy
There was a marked improvement in the condition of patients with diabetic neuropathy. There was marked decrease in the symptoms of diabetic nauropathy such as tingling, pin pricks, burning sensation in the lower limbs and also improvement in gait of the patients. 83%

Adverse events  observed during the period of application of the device: There was no observed adverse event during the therapy. Although in patients monitoring of the blood sugar levels is recommended during the course of therapy and for 15 days after completion of the therapy. This is because 6 patients who were on anti-diabetic therapy were observed to have a lower blood sugar level, which was controlled by decreasing the dose of anti-diabetic therapy. The effects were seen to taper off within 15 days of stopping the pemf therapy, after which their anti-diabetic therapy was increased to previous levels

Notes of the design and user-friendliness of the device: The device is easy to use and setup.

Date of the report: 31-08-2018

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