Report «Device usage Almag-serial №004»

  • Name of the medical organization: Goldtouch Healing Center
  • Name and surname of the doctor : Dr. Love Kumar
  • Period: from June 2017 to August 2018

Condidition of the patient on whom device was used
The disease Number of patients Used program
Coccygodynia 14 65
Bronchiectasis 6 21
Sacroilitis 9 41 and 5
Wound healing 17 23
Slip disc 9 5 and 6
Osteoarthritis 21 29 and 30
Joint Contracture 11 65
Trauma spine 3 5


The group of diseases Therapeutic effect The number of patients who received a therapeutic effect (number of people / % of those who had initially pathological symptoms)

Dorsopathy and spondylopathy
Relief substantial to the patients from pain and improved movement 83%
Diseases of the joints
Pain relief is good from the therapy and patients had improved movement in their joints

Diseases and injures of the peripheral nervous system
There is a marked improvement in the condition of the patients 80%

Diseases of the respiratory system
Patients informed in improvement in their conditions 85%

Adverse events (side effect of explosure) observed during the period of application of the device: There were no adverse event noted during the use of the device

Notes of the design and user-friendliness of the device: Almag 02 is easy to understand and use.

Date of the report: 31-08-2018

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