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Report «Device usage Almag-serial №003»

  • Name of the medical organization:Abrol Medical Center
  • Name and surname of the doctor : Dr. Ajay Abrol / Dr. Rajani Digra
  • Period: from June 2016 to August 2018

Condidition of the patient on whom device was used

The disease Number of patients Used program
Spondylopathy 56 34
Lumbar Dorsopathy 67 34 / Magofon and 5,6
Osteoarthritis 29 36/37
Sciatica Pain 19 5,6
Rotator Cuff Injury 17 23
Heel Spur / Plantar fasciitis 58 76
Diabetic Neuropathy 16 8
Dupuytren's Contracture 04 65
Rheumatoid Arthritis 37 36
Retrocalcaneal Bursitis 18 18
Urinary Incontinence 04 53
Tennis Elbow/ golfer's elbow 11 31
Scapulohumeral periarithrosis 18 73
Low leg deep veins thrombophlebitis 04 35
Varicose veins 06 18
Disorders of separate nerve roots and plexuses of upper and lower limbs (radial, median and ulnar nerve diseases) 01 (thread)
02 (under treatment)


The group of diseases Therapeutic effect The number of patients who received a therapeutic effect (number of people / % of those who had initially pathological symptoms)

Dorsopathy and spondylopathy
Relief from back pain 83%
Relief from neck pain 84%
Diseases of the joints
Relief from knee pain

Diseases and injures of the peripheral nervous system
Pain relief and relief from other symptoms of the disease 85%

Diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system
Relief from Sciatic pain 94%

Adverse events (side effect of explosure) observed during the period of application of the device: There were no noticable adverse effect

Notes of the design and user-friendliness of the device: The device is easy to use and instructions given are simple to follow

Date of the report: 31-08-2018

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