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TVGD-02 is a unique tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid, without any contact with the cornea and no use of anesthetics.

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This device can be used not just in hospitals but also at home. The device is easy in use and you don’t need special education to use it.

ТVGD-02 has two IOP measuring modes:

  • tonometric IOP measurement mode (Maklakov tonometer scale); 
  • true IOP measurement mode (Goldmann tonometer scale).
The device has the following advantages:

  • The time of measurement is just 1-2 seconds.
  • The high accuracy of the measurements.
  • Makes it possible to measure IOP through the eyelid both in the sclera and in the cornea.
  • The device has a self-test feature.
  • During the measurement process the cornea of the eye isn't touched by the device that excludes the infection.
  • To take measurements both in sitting or prone position.
  • The soft measurement rod impact provides maximum patient comfort.
  • ТVGD-02 ensures quick, accurate and painless measurements even for hypersensitive patients or children.

With TVGD-02 you get easy, safe and accurate IOP pressure measurements at any time and in any place.


  1. Screening tool which makes it possible to identify patients at risk for glaucoma.
  2. IOP tonometer TVGD-02 is effective and irreplaceable in complicated medical cases, eye pressure can be measured:
  • right in the process of medical treatment;
  • even in the presence of viral infections;
  • allergy to anesthetics;
  • dry eye syndrome;
  • contraindications for corneal tonometry;
  • on patients after corneal surgeries;
  • with contact lenses.


  1. Time of one measurement, max.: 2 sec.
  2. Overall dimensions, max. - 176х26х20 mm.
  3. Weight of the device without power supply elements - 88g.
  4. Tonometer operation climatic conditions:
  • air temperature: from +10 °С to +35 °С;
  • air relative humidity: up to 80% at temperature +25 °С.

  1. Tonometer feeding is provided from two power supply elements of АААА 1,5 V type.
  2. Tonometer operating condition is provided by power supply voltage: from 3,3 V to 2,0 V.
  3. Pressure measurement from 5 up to 60 mm Hg.
  4. Tonometer max. current consumption: switched-off position - 30 mkА; switched on position in the measurement “Waiting” mode - 4 mA; in measurement mode - 100 mА.
  5. Time of one measurement, max.: 2 sec.
  6. Outer surfaces of TVGD-02 are resistant to chemical disinfection by any disinfectant approved for plastic and metal parts in medical practice against tine an infection.
  7. Minimum average service life: 5 years.

10/09/2016   /   11:31   /   Brazil
I'm an ophthalmologist and this device helps me in my work a lot, the measurement process takes just few seconds and i can take it with me in exit to the patient.
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ATTENTION! Prior to first usage of the device, please study this Operating Manual carefully, and follow its instructions during further use to ensure proper treatment procedure and effectiveness.    0.95 MB Download

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