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PEMF Therapy Device for the treatment of chronic prostatitis (including the cure of prostate adenoma) and improvement of erectile function

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Kundenbewertungen zu MAVIT-01 Modell 2021

Nach erste 10 Tägige Behandlung gab es schon deutliche Verbesserungen. Empfehlenswert gleich mit medikamentöser Behandlung durchführen. Ich habe chronische Prostatitis schon 5 Jahre lang, aber deutliche Verbesserung bekam nur mit den Gerät Mavit. Keine Nebenwirkungen.


Certainly restore quality of life

I had been suffering from severe erectile dysfunction for several years. Although under treatment by a very capable urologist, the only “cure” that the urologist could come up with was prescribing Viagra/Levitra/Cialis. All three drugs do help in resolving ED, but the side effects were completely unmanageable. As well, I also suffered prostatitis and Epididymitis . Again, the urologist was unable to provide any specific cures for the conditions. I decided to do my own research and I was fortunate enough after several weeks of research to come across the MAVIT machine. I started using this machine and had some improvement in about a week. After two months, improvements were quite good. Over the long-term, I would have to say that the MAVIT completely cured all three ailments. The ability to resume normal relations with my spouse may well have save my marriage and certainly restored my quality of life. All the more amazing in that I am 68 years young and these conditions are much more difficult to treat the older that you are. I can recommend the MAVIT without any qualification. The approximately 400€ price was a fraction of what I spent on medical appointments and pharmaceuticals.

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