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PEMF Therapy Device for medical professionals. Designed for lung recovery after pneumonia (inc. COVID-19-Associated Pneumonia) and treatment of complex joint disorders (coxarthrosis, polyarthritis)

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Reviews for ALMAG-02


sehr gut

das Gerät ist wirklich effektiv, einfache Bedienung, deutliche Bedienungsanleitung. Hauptsache - ich kann wieder Spazieren gehen, Leben genießen. Danke!


really good

I bought ALMAG-02 a year ago to treat my joint problems, and it really helps me to manage pain. Recently I had a car accident, after which I had numerous bruises and injuries all over my body. I used the Almag-02 to recover faster, and the nurse at the hospital was very surprised at how quickly my recovery was going! I am very pleased with the device. It definitely worth the money!

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